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Follett® 7 Series Ice Dispenser

Follett® 7 Series Ice Dispenser

Energy Efficient and Ideal for Work Spaces With Up To 30 People

With the Follett® 7 Series ice machines, your workplace will have fresh, sanitary, great-tasting ice without the hassles of large bin icemakers. Both the countertop, undercounter, and freestanding models are attractive, compact—and they don’t require a drain!

Follett 7 Series Highlights:

• Produce up to 125 lbs of ice per day
• Hold 7 lbs of ice storage (perfect for a 25-30 person work group)
• Only 17.5" (445 mm) tall to conveniently fit on counters and under wall mounted cabinets
• Drainless—units can be placed and maintained anywhere with ease
• Minimize the potential for cross-contamination, because the machines eliminate direct contact with ice
• Energy efficient—use less energy and water than ice machines of similar capacity
• Stylish design— complement their surroundings with their modern stainless steel interior and accent trim
• Antimicrobrial treatment, minimizing growth of bacteria and biofilm growth
• Refreshing, with filtration to provide great-tasting ice

Contact us for more information and to find out if a Follett 7 Series Ice Dispenser is right for your office!
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