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Bring The Coffeehouse In-House.

coffee pouring into white mug50+ Flavors. Quality Brewers. A Simply Better Experience.

Coffee and water. The two most essential drinks for the office and your employees. We offer both - free of hassle, hidden expenses, bacteria, germs, sediment and unpleasant tastes. Just fresh water (and coffee!) from a provider you can trust.

Consistently Exceptional Coffee and Water for Your Workplace

After dedicating hundreds of man-hours searching, testing, and tasting coffee roasts from all around the world, we selected Fresh Roasted Coffee of Selinsgrove, PA for our coffee offering.

Why Fresh Roasted Coffee Company? The answer is simple:

Fresh Roasted Coffee is “completely committed to providing customers with the highest quality of coffee on Earth. Each element of their coffee brewing process – the beans, the origin, the roast, and the grind – is ecofriendly and pure, just like our water filtration process.

When you combine Fresh Roasted Coffee with our water filtration products and high performance brewers you can expect the best Taste, Quality, and Experience -- Every. Single. Time.

Expanding Our Palate

Pure Water Technology now offers well over 50 different Fresh Roasted Coffee flavors and roasts for your workplace. We have it all – light, medium, dark, decaf, certified organic, and virtually any flavor note you desire. They are available in a variety of forms – grounds, capsules, and pods, all accompanied by our trustworthy delivery and service.

ground coffee packets
single serve coffee pods
environmentally-friendly single serve coffee pod

Isn’t it time you elevated your in-office coffee experience?

Your office runs on coffee (and water!). When you choose Pure Water Technology as a provider, you get more than just great tasting water and coffee. You receive proactive service, easy ordering & replenishment, and no-hassle billing. To learn more about how Pure Water Technology can enhance the beverages in your workplace, give us a call at 888-581-7873 or contact us here