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Efficient and Reliable Ice Makers For Your Workplace

Quick Facts About Our Ice Systems

  • Produces tubular, bite-sized ice cubes that are clean and taste great
  • Sleek, compact design (freestanding, countertop, and under counter models)
  • All components treated with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit bacterial growth.

Pure Water Technology Ice Systems

About Follett Ice and Water Dispensers

Pure Water Technology provides ice systems from the respected Follett® brand, which meet the highest standards so you have the best of the best at your business.

The high-caliber filtration and purification process in our ice machines ensures you’ll get ice that’s clean and great tasting.

By properly treating the water used in the ice-making process, scaling and maintenance is minimized, maximizing up time.

Whether you choose a hands-free or ice bin solution, you’ll be impressed with the flavor of the ice and the reliability of our state-of-the-art systems.


Ice System Rental Program

Pure Water Technology rental programs give you more contract flexibility and an “all service included” option never before available in this market.

For more information on how a Pure Water Technology ice system can benefit your company, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and show you how our systems work!

Ice Dispenser Installation

Our factory-trained technicians will install any icemaking equipment that we sell to ensure long-lasting reliability. All ice dispensed by our icemaking equipment goes through a water purification system to ensure the highest possible ice quality.