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Purlogix Countertop Water Dispenser

Purlogix Countertop Filtered Water Dispenser

A Reliable and Compact Choice

While the Purlogix 1000e is smaller than our other water dispensers, you'll never run out of fresh, clean water. You can rely on it to deliver on-demand hot or cold filtered water all day long.

It is available in black, and has an adjustable cold temperature control (38°F-46°F).

Works Well in Smaller Spaces

Its compact, space-saving size makes the Purlogix 1000e a great choice for smaller office kitchens or breakroom areas where space is limited.

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Key Features

  • Fits conveniently on countertop or table
  • Sleek appliance aesthetics
  • Dispenser fits larger sports bottles
  • Adjustable cold temperature control (38°F to 46°F)
  • Filtered water outlet for coffee brewer
“"We have a pure water system at two different office locations and we LOVE them. The water tastes delicious and comes out either nice and cold or nice and hot, depending on what you need. The customer service experience has been excellent and the product is wonderful. highly recommend!"”

Sarah Pagenkopf - Google review