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Special 15-Day FREE Trial

Typical setup takes less than an hour!

Here's how it works. . .

  • We run a temporary water line from the nearest water supply in your office.
  • We install the unit you select.
  • We test.
  • We leave.
  • You start drinking the freshest, healthiest workplace water!

FREE Trial Benefits

  • There's no cost or obligation to get started.
  • There's no complicated setup.
  • There's nothing you or your staff has to do.
  • You get to taste the difference before you decide.
  • When the trial's over, we stop by, pick up the unit, and go home.

Sorry! Free trials are not available for residences.

“"We have a pure water system at two different office locations and we LOVE them. The water tastes delicious and comes out either nice and cold or nice and hot, depending on what you need. The customer service experience has been excellent and the product is wonderful. highly recommend!"”

Sarah Pagenkopf - Google review